Full Colour
11 x 14"
Signed Print



-The Lottery

-The Pocket Knife

-Chess Aficionado - Zwischenzug!

-Frank & Bruce

-The Favor

-Existential Crisis

-The Life of a Bona Fide Artist


-Happy Valentine's Day

-Makin' Art 2007


-Will Spidey remember Mary Jane's Tampons?

-Will Spidey defeat his greatest foe?... Depression!!

-Spidey vs. The Pro-Lifers

-Secrets will be revealed Inside!

-Jammin' with Daniel Johnston

-Running Scared

-We are all dying of Something

-Just Keep Walking

-Heroes of the New World

-Love Journey

-Who will defeat Cancer?

-Chess Aficionado - WTF?


-When I am Famous...

-The Passive Aggressive Dragon

-Love Journey 2

-Secure your Safety Webbing

-The Song of the Cowboy

-I'll take Two

-Say Something Clever

-There's somebody out There

-Famous People 2006

-Vince Vaughn Fuck Off

-When I'm Expensive even this will be Famous

-The Pissing Contest

-Danny Bonaduce - Executive Producer

-Your Picture, My Wall

-The Greatest Artist that Ever Lived

-Even though The Gods are Crazy, Even though The Stars are Blind

-After The Brain Injury

-If painting wasn't Dead...

-Goodbye Old Paint

-Just Lonely

-TJ Powers

-Thirty-three Blinks

-Vagina-dentata vs. Penis-dentata


-Chess Aficionado - Check Mate Sugar

-Chess Aficionado - Death and Taxes

-Chess Aficionado - Space Virus

-Chess Aficionado - Sausage Fingers

-Chess Aficionado - Frankenstein


-Tales of the Uncanny - The Doll

-Tales of the Uncanny - Nick and Jess

Pre 1990